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Governing Committee

Chair: Mariëlle Philippens, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice-Chair: Ralph P. Mason, Ph.D

Secretary: Zhaoyang Fan, Ph.D.

Trainee Rep: Sirisha Tadimalla, Ph.D.

Past Trainee Rep: Rosie Goodburn, M.Sc.

ISMRT Rep: Glenn D. Cahoon, M.Sc., FSMRT

Past-Chair: Ali Fatemi, Ph.D.

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  • Provide a joint forum for clinicians, scientists, clinical physicists, and engineers with expertise in different areas to discuss the unmet needs and further advance the technology.
  • Discuss the value of MR-guided radiation therapy and its differences from diagnostic MRI.
  • Fuel and foster collaborations to build further clinical evidence for online MR-guided radiation therapy.
  • Assess the appropriate form and level of education (MRI and radiation physicist) for hospital staff in radiation therapy clinics.
  • Assess the need for general recommendations and guidelines on quality control, MRI safety and standardization (e.g., on MRI biomarkers in radiation oncology).