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Governing Committee

Chair: Clarissa Z. Cooley, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair: Hui Han, Ph.D.

Secretary: Jason P. Stockmann, Ph.D.

Trainee Rep: Stephen E. Ogier, Ph.D.

Past Trainee Rep: Jana M. Vincent, Ph.D.

ISMRT Rep: Marci L. Messina, B.Sc. R.T.(MR)(R) MRSO (MRSC)

Past-Chair: Gregor Adriany, Ph.D.

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The MR Engineering Study Group aims to:

  • support the development and integration of new technologies into MR systems;
  • promote the application of new engineering principles, methods, materials, and devices in MR;
  • provide venues for in-depth discussions, for education about emerging MR challenges and approaches, for the exchange of ideas, and for the establishment of collaborations; and
  • facilitate discussion and interaction with industry.