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Governing Committee

Chair: James A. Goodman, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair: Marius de Groot, Ph.D.

Secretary: Chih-Liang Chin, Ph.D.

Trainee Rep: Frederick A. Bagdasarian, Ph.D

Past Trainee Rep: Ghoncheh Amouzandeh, Ph.D

ISMRT Rep: Brandy J. Willis, M.B.A.,R.T.(R)(MR)

Past-Chair: Courtney Bishop, D.Phil.


MR in Drug Research Study Group Quarterly Newsletter
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(Members only except where noted)

  • Vol. X: August 2019
  • Vol. IX: May 2019
  • Vol. VIII: February 2019
  • Vol. VII: May 2018
  • Vol. VI: February 2018
  • Vol. V: November 2017
  • Vol. IV: July 2017
  • Vol. III: April 2017
  • Vol. II: January 2017
  • Vol. I: September 2016 (Available to the public!)

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To strengthen the application of MR in drug research and development by fostering communication across the MR community to encourage characterization of the performance of imaging endpoints and research into their association with underlying (patho-)physiology and disease outcomes.