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Call for 2022 Study Group Nominations
Visit the General Forum for the nomination form link.
Voting Deadline: 26 October at 03:59 UTC

Governing Committee

Chair: Berkin Bilgic, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair: Simon D. Robinson, Ph.D.

Secretary: Sina Straub, Ph.D.

Trainee Rep: Anita Karsa, Ph.D.

SMRT Rep : Shawna Farquharson, Ph.D.

Past-Chair: Jongho Lee, Ph.D.

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To stimulate and facilitate the development, evaluation, and clinical application of MR techniques based on mapping or highlighting electromagnetic tissue properties, including: quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping (QSM), susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI), electrical properties tomography (EPT), MR electrical impedance tomography (MR-EIT), and related/corresponding methods.