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Welcome to the brand-new Metabolomics & Metabolomic Imaging (MMI) Study Group!

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2024 Study Group Elections are OPEN!
Go to this forum post for the ballot link.
Voting Deadline: 16 February at 23:59 UTC

Governing Committee

Chair: Leo L Cheng, Ph.D.

Vice-chair: Candace C. Fleischer, Ph.D.

Secretary: Kevin Chan, Ph.D.

ISMRT Rep: Brandy Reed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)

Trainee Rep: Jose Enriques Ortiz

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  1. Establish an all-inclusive forum for clinicians, scientists, clinical and medical physicists, engineers, and data experts within ISMRM to discuss the unmet needs and further advance the technology using their respective expertise;
  2. Develop connections and collaborations between MMI members with medical imaging and metabolomics communities outside of ISMRM;
  3. Evaluate the state of MMI in medicine and provide standardized recommendations for every stage of MMI evaluations including data measurements and analyses, as well quality assurance and controls;
  4. Facilitate technical developments, methodological consensus, and disease applications through MMI organized workshops and symposiums to bring impactful clinical investigations and translations;
  5. Disseminate MMI knowledge to all members of ISMRM through the annual meeting;
  6. Coordinate with other ISMRM study groups to incorporate MMI into radiomics efforts; and
  7. Foster development of the next generation of MMI experts through programming and activities targeted to ISMRM trainees.